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I'm always surprised with the issues people seem to have with losing weight, while at the same time they just keep on eating junk food. One interesting thing I have seen after years of helping people to lose weight and get lean is that almost every one claims they are "trying" to lose weight but their kitchen is filled with all sorts of junk food rather than natural whole unprocessed food.

People will always say that they are doing their best to lose weight, but I will still notice candy, cookies, cakes in their cupboard and fizzy drinks in their cooler.

So why is it when people really want to lose weight badly, do most still have junk foods to hand in their homes?

Most people hate the idea of ​​giving up their favorite foods because they look on junk food as one of life's little pleasures "

But consuming junk foods has nothing at all to do with enjoying life … In truth, when you stop eating junk foods you will enjoy life so much more because you feel better and have more energy daily. Also, getting into better shape by cutting out these things will certainly help improve the way your body looks. Therefore you will probably have more confidence

Healthy eating does not have to mean boring eating with bland tasteless food. When you start enjoying whole, natural food and start trying out all of the varieties of natural food on offer to you, you will realize that you can truly enjoy the taste of natural foods a whole lot more than salty, sweet, processed foods.

I used to drink sweetened tea and put a lot of sugar in coffee, but slowly I reduced the amount of sugar I would use in coffee and tea, I can now drink them both with no sugar or sweeteners.

Everyone should be able to enjoy what they eat without consuming highly processed junk food which is just about the worst thing for giving you an ugly fat belly! Actually, people are usually pleasantly surprised to find that many foods that they think of as junk food, have tasty and healthy alternatives that they never would have expected.

For example:

Junk food: a milk chocolate bar or a chocolate cookie

Healthy eating alternative: Extra-dark chocolate (with more than 70-75% cocoa content) … high in fiber and has a lot less sugar than milk chocolate

Junk food: Deep fried and battered chicken with fries (loaded with bad trans fats)

Healthy eating alternative: grilled chicken without the skin with peanut sauce for dipping, plus vegetables

Junk food: Fast-food processed meat burger on a white bun

Healthy alternative: A burger made from grass-fed meat, which is high in CLA. Along with grass-fed cheese on a wholemeal or grain roll

All healthy food but still tastes good!

Hopefully what you get from this report is that there are plenty of alternatives to eating junk food. Alternatives that not only taste good, but also helpwith your diet for losing that unsightly belly fat!

Source by Geoff G Payne

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