The three ingredient (and very cheap) drink that makes you lose weight and burn fat

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Actually, (almost) everyone can be thin if we carry out certain tricks like the one we are telling you today. If you don’t believe it, try

Now that we are in summer, anything to drink is welcome, especially to maintain proper hydration. And if the chosen drink also helps us lose weight , then better than better, right? You already know that drinking water, in itself, makes us lose weight.

Drinking a pint of water , in fact,  burns an exact 23 calories . In other words, if you drink this amount of water a day for a year, you will be burning 17,000 calories or, what is the same, you will lose 2 kilos of fat just with this small daily gesture.

A trick that you can enhance if you mix the water with the two ingredients that we are going to tell you today, which are green tea and lemon . Keep reading and we will explain everything.

Green tea with lemon, the drink that makes you lose weight fast

Green tea with lemon juice is perfect for both summer and winter , as it tastes just as good cold as hot. In addition, it is full of flavor and is very simple and cheap to prepare , especially if we have a water heater and a juicer at home (you just have to put the green tea leaves in water and put it to heat and, in another instance, cut a lemon and squeeze it; later, mix everything, put ice on it and that’s it).

This drink, in addition to being easy to make, helps a lot to lose weight , even if you take the three ingredients separately. In fact, drinking lemon water  already helps you  lose weight  by facilitating the elimination of toxins and promoting digestion, which  speeds up metabolism  and the  burning of fat . By the way, the ideal is that we do not exceed  120 ml  of lemon juice diluted in water, as it could be counterproductive for your health.

Lemon water, good idea

Green tea, meanwhile, is one of the  most effective for weight loss. This has been shown by numerous studies, such  as this one from 2008. A total of 60 overweight people followed a diet for three months. Some drank green tea and others drank a placebo. After twelve weeks,  those who drank green tea lost 3.3 kilos more  than those who did not.

Other research found consuming green tea extract produced  significant decreases in body weight, fat, and belly. This fat-burning power may be due to the fact that this tea is especially  rich in catechins , natural antioxidants that can speed up metabolism and promote weight loss.

Green Tea

And as we have already told you, all these slimming benefits are enhanced by consuming water with green tea and lemon. In this regard, numerous  investigations  have shown that the expenditure of energy at rest (that is, the burning of calories) increases between 24 and 30% in the ten minutes after drinking water. The effect lasts no less than an hour.

Other benefits of green tea with lemon

Green tea and lemon, separately, are powerful antioxidants for the body, which in addition to losing weight provide us with many other benefits, such as:

  • Purifies the intestine : in addition to regulating the pH levels of our digestive system reducing acidity, it also eliminates accumulated toxins.
  • Maintains skin health and prevents premature aging  , thanks to vitamin C.
  • Strengthens the immune system : strengthens defenses and helps prevent some diseases, among which are pathologies related to heart health, and urinary infections.
  • You will go better to the bathroom : citrus fruits and water regulate intestinal transit, avoiding retentions and softening the stool.
  • Improves mood:  lemon ions provide an extra supply of energy to the body and help reduce anxiety and stress, making us feel better about ourselves.
  • Improves brain health : A review of eight studies found that drinking green tea lowers the risk of dementia and cognitive decline.
  • Increases Energy : Green tea is a natural source of caffeine, which is a stimulant of the central nervous system that increases the energy level.
  • May Help Protect Against Cancer – Numerous studies suggest that certain compounds extracted from lemons may help prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells.
Weight loss drinks Gtres

As we can see, it is a very complete, cheap drink that we lose nothing in trying . Of course, never exceed 120 ml of lemon juice, as it may not be good for you. Likewise, as we always tell you, if you have any questions, consult a nutritionist.

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