The 5 most common mistakes in weight loss plans (like doing a lot of exercise)

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Sometimes we believe that by trying too hard we will achieve better results, and that they will appear faster, but nothing is further from the truth.

Losing weight  is relatively simple, and the more kilos we have, the more so, because our body will eliminate fat sooner . The problem is that we believe myths that prevent us from losing weight quickly. In fact, contrary to what many believe, it is not a matter of eating less or starving, but of  eating the right thing  at the right time of day.

Most of us follow  a diet that is not healthy , more for lack of information than for anything else. And we believe, erroneously, that to  lose weight  we have to make great sacrifices, when in reality everything consists of carrying out certain adjustments and stopping making mistakes that throw all our effort away.

So that you do not waste time or energy, we tell you below the most common mistakes that exist in weight loss plans:

1) Poor choice of food

Nutritionist and trainer David Stache of Instant Knockout says that without a proper diet we will not achieve any visible results: “You could be training tirelessly in the gym, but if you don’t feed your body with all the right nutrients and calories, you will not see results.”, says The Sun .

“Eating a healthy diet is an essential aspect to lose weight effectively,” he adds, urging all those who want to lose weight to eat ‘real’ foods, that is, nothing processed.

One of these common food choices mistakes is to completely banish good fat. And there is no need to fear it, the other way around. By choosing the right types of fats, you can lose weight faster. These are polyunsaturated, like omega 3, or monounsaturated. We find the ‘good fats’ in foods like olive oil, avocado, nuts or salmon.


2) Workouts too intense

Exercise is essential to prevent diseases and provides numerous benefits, but weight loss is not one of the main ones  if you do not accompany it with a diet  or with a less caloric diet than usual. The ideal is to  focus on eating healthier and less , since  losing weight only based on exercise is very difficult . 

This is what the aforementioned nutritionist points out: “Exercising too much and ending up exhausted after a training session shows that you are giving it your all, but if you then sit all day so tired you are, it is useless. You may be doing too much exercise”.

“What we do in the gym is only a small part of getting results and research has shown that as we push ourselves harder than we should, our body recovers more slowly, conserving energy ” or, whatever the same, slowing down the metabolism .

Stache is clear: “Results don’t happen overnight, and training smart is so much better than crawling out of the gym.”

Weight Loss Training

In addition to what was pointed out by the expert, it should be noted that exercising too much can make us gain weight . A study  conducted by  Arizona State University  confirmed this after analyzing 81 sedentary and overweight women who followed an exercise program for three months, which consisted of doing 30 minutes of brisk walks three times a week. Surprisingly, most of them did not lose weight as they became more active, and  more than half gained weight .

It is best to  combine a healthy, varied , low calorie and high protein diet, as  we have already told you here, with some exercise to accelerate weight loss and tone the body.

3) Eat too much protein

Protein is important, but if you eat too much, you will store the excess as fat and you will not lose weight. It is true that the more proteins you consume, the more you will accelerate your metabolism  or, what is the same, the more weight you will lose at rest, but if you go overboard  you will not achieve it.

4) Not getting enough sleep

If despite being on a diet you do not lose  even one gram, you should know that there are certain   common night habits that could be  affecting your body  and your metabolism. The most common mistake is  falling asleep too late . You go round and round and you can’t sleep. The  stress  and  anxiety t and are preventing rest, and this makes you fat like it or not. A study published in Obesity Reviews showed that stress, lack of sleep, and weight gain are associated with each other.

When we have stress we begin to release hormones, especially adrenaline and norepinephrineOur body is alert and it thinks that it is going to have to face a dangerous situation, so it cannot relax. We also release  cortisol, a hormone that helps the body to exert great physical effort in emergency situations. By secreting these hormones, we sleep little and the next day we throw ourselves into foods full of sugar, as this study has shown, which leads us to gain or not lose weight despite doing the rest of things correctly.

Sleep well and everything will be better for you

5) You are doing it alone

The aforementioned expert categorically affirms that one of the most common mistakes in weight loss plans is, without a doubt, going the way alone : “People believe that they can do everything by themselves and be successful in the long term, but it is not like that.”

“When you’re trying to achieve your weight loss goals, you need the support of those around you as they can help you stay on track . There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself to the gym when you don’t want to and eating out with friends who are enjoying it. of their meals while you follow a diet. If you really want to achieve your goals, you must do it with other people who motivate you to be successful, “he says.

So now you know, seek help in your environment.

And this is it for today, reader. If you’ve been wanting more, we recommend this article on how to speed up your metabolism .

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