Scraping Away Your Fat: 5 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently

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Many people have the hardest time getting rid of their unwanted fat. Here are some great tips for healthy living that may be able to help get rid of that extra weight.

Chew your food – Eating Slowly.

If you are in a fine dining, take time to observe the people around, have you observed that thin people usually eat their food slowly? From the time you started eating, it takes the brain 20 minutes to tell your stomach that you are full. That is why fast eaters usually eat more than their level of fullness. Your calorie consumption vary significantly on how fast you eat, so if you don’t want those extra pounds on your weighing scale, eat slowly and savor every bite.

Track your Enemies – Fatty Foods.

You don’t want to waste 30 minutes of your time running on that treadmill, or biking across the country on your stationary bike for nothing. You want to win – you want to lose those fats in your belly. Then, you should start keeping a diary of your worst adversaries – fatty foods. Keep a record of what you have eaten, your hunger prior to eating or any emotions and feelings at that time. It can keep you on track and provide you with self awareness. It will help you identify your food triggers. Study your eating pattern from your diary to be able to make more healthy changes.

Sweat Out – Spend some time for exercise.

You need not to do a marine-style of exercise to lose weight. Exercise should not be a punishment, light exercises from 5 minutes or 30 minutes five times a week can do the job. You may also find something you enjoy doing rather than pushing yourself to the gym, you will only find excuses not to do your routine. You may try walking your dog around the neighborhood early in the morning just before you eat your breakfast to increase your metabolism.

Drink Enough Fluids.

Water makes up 60% of the body weight in humans and is vital for every cell in the body. Lack of water intake can therefore have detrimental effects on your body’s function. To stay healthy and lose weight, you will want all your systems working at their peak performance.

Healthy NOT Thin.

To be healthy and thin are two different things. You might be thin but not healthy. You must not be confused of your goal. Change your mindset. Selecting food to keep your body’s health rather than worrying what food will affect your weight. The food pyramid outlines the types and amount of foods you should eat everyday for optimal health.

Start with Small Changes.

Losing 10 pounds in 1 week is nothing to be happy about. The faster the weight loses, the more ineffective your effort is. More likely, it is coming from water and muscle, NOT fat. Since your muscle tissue is important in keeping your metabolism at its peak, losing it tends to disrupt fat burning. Try to keep your weight lose around 1-2 pounds per week; in this manner your muscles can do its work – burn those fats out your body.

Source by Vivian J Wu

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