Rebel Wilson weight loss diet: this is how she has managed to lose 30 kilos and transform her physique

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Until now we knew that Rebel Wilson’s diet had consisted of the Mayr diet plan to lose weight, but what has been the exercise routine that she has followed? His personal trainer just revealed it in an interview.

  • Rebel Wilson declared in January 2020 that it would be her ‘Healthy Year’ – she set out to lose weight and we’ve been tracking her progress ever since.
  • Along with a healthy diet following the Mayr diet and personalized training, he has lost more than 30 kilos.
  • After almost a year and a half, the actress reached her ideal weight: 75 kilos. And now his coach has revealed how he has achieved it.

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The actress Rebel Wilson has become an example. Last year she decided to radically change her habits: “(…) I will try to avoid sugar and junk food, it will be difficult after the holidays, but I will try. Who is with me to make some positive changes this year? “She wrote in an Instagram post on January 2, 2020, where the changes she had implemented were already noticeable.

And after more than a year, she has shown strong willpower. Because the interpreter has managed to lose more than 30 kilos based on exercise – cardio and strength training have been her great allies – and following a good diet, based on real, nutritious food and preferably alkaline foods.

Outcome? An incredible physical transformation and a goal that she met even before its time: she reached 75 kilos earlier than planned (before she weighed more than 100). And to announce her achievement, the interpreter uploaded a story to her Instagram account with a photograph of her scale, in which we could read the figure that was marked: 74.6 kilos.

Rebel Wilson's catch scale weighs 74.6 kilos

“I have reached my goal even a month in advance. Although this is not about the number of kilos, but about being healthy. But I needed a tangible figure to set my goal and that was 75 kilos,” explained the actress.

Rebel Wilson’s personal trainer reveals his routine

Jono Castano has been the physical trainer in charge of supervising the actress’s weight loss process. In an interview for Hello!, the coach has said that he always tries to encourage his clients to get out of their comfort zone. He explains that variety has been the protagonist in Rebel Wilson’s workouts , which were usually divided like this throughout the week:

  • Day 1: HIIT / MOBILITY
  • Day 2: Weights / resistance
  • Day 3: HIIT
  • Day 4: HIIT
  • Day 5: HIIT / WEIGHTS
  • Day 6: RECOVERY
  • Day 7: HIIT

HIIT routines and strength training have not failed. Of course, the exercises were changing and they also did them with different accessories. “With all of my virtual workout clients, I usually suggest having a set of dumbbells or kettlebells and resistance bands, ” explains Jono. “Adding them to workouts will definitely give them a good session with a wide range of exercises. And the best thing about these types of accessories is that you don’t need a lot of space to store them or to carry out the training.”

This is Rebel Wilson now

Rebel has shown that with willpower, real food, and exercise, healthy weight loss can be achieved with no rebound effect. And it has not only been a path towards a physical change, but also a mental one. A few weeks ago, she confessed in an interview with People magazine that before she used to eat about 3,000 calories a day due to her anxiety. “And it was usually carbs, so I was hungry all the time.”

The interpreter explains that her physical change is not only due to a question of image – “people treat me differently since I am thinner,” she said – but to what really matters: health. In addition, she confessed on Instagram that she had fertility problems, hence also that they recommended losing weight, since obesity can negatively affect.

However, despite losing the weight that was marked in early 2020, Rebel Wilson has achieved the most important thing: a healthy maintenance of her new habits. And you can see how well she is doing.

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It has not been an easy road

Not every day has been easy for the actress, but she admits that she has found little tricks to motivate herself. In this image she shared on Instagram she explains: “I started out having a bad day, but I had a great walk while listening to podcasts and motivational audiobooks (right now I’m with The Fear Bubble by Anthony Middleton) surrounded by a beautiful landscape. I drank water … And you know, I feel a lot better now, “he explains. “We all have tough days, but take a break, take a nap and then come back and keep pushing.”

The Rebel Wilson diet: how she has managed to lose weight

The ultra-processed, in the trash

To avoid having options at home with which to “sin”, the interpreter woke up one day with a decision in mind: to get rid of the ultra-processed. And for this she threw away white chocolate, cookies and doritos that she had already started. But also, to finish the job, she threw soap over them so that she could not even rescue them from the garbage in an emergency.

“The best advice without a doubt is not to buy all these products so as not to take them home,” she later said in another video. “But we are human. Just … don’t be hard on yourself.”

Months of physical transformation

Her weight loss was already the most talked about before starting the year as a result of a video uploaded weeks before. In it, in slow motion, she paraded surrounded by little dogs. Although these cubs garnered much of the attention, Rebel Wilson’s incredible physical change did not go unnoticed by her fansSome of the comments from her followers (“Wow, you’re amazing!” “How hot you are!” You look great! “) Highlight the transformation of the actress, which has been taking place for months.

Rebel Wilson in 2018 and 2019

Who is helping the actress in this process? As we told you, Rebel Wilson has put himself in the hands of coach Jono Castaño, with whom he shared several publications. In them, Wilson goes out practicing with ropes and dragging, and having a very, very good time at the Soma Colecttion gym in Sydney, which, as her coach points out, the comedian attends 7 times a week.

The easy tricks Rebel Wilson follows in her diet and training

  • Jojo Castano explained on a morning show on Australian television that he would not describe the path that has led Rebel Wilson to losing 75 kilos as a diet, but rather “find the balance” between diet and exercise.
  • Exercise is just getting your body moving,” he said. He recommends 45 minutes of exercise five days a week, combined with a healthy diet.
  • Another key to Rebel Wilson’s method is to combine “resistance and cardio.”
  • The coach also assured that having a well-structured weekly routine is another determining factor for success. Create your calendar and stick to it to achieve your goals.

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Some of Rebel Wilson’s exercises to lose weight

Rebel Wilson performs 5 series of this circuit

1. Stationary bike

We had already told you that we were facing the resurgence of the exercise bike. “It’s a perfect tool for metabolic conditioning and provides safe movement without impact,” explains Jono.

2. Squats with TRX

“I use TRX as it focuses on using body weight and gravity as resistance to develop strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability,” says the trainer.

3. Trunk rotation with elastic band

“This exercise will challenge your abs,” said the coach. Working with resistance bands is a perfect way to add extra strength to the exercises. We’ll tell you how to use them in abs, arm, leg and stretching routines. You won’t resist to get some.

4.Dead Bugs with Fitball

This exercise will develop your core and your back. Lie down on the floor and bring your legs to 90º and hold the FitBall with them and your arms. Now separate hand and opposite foot, hold the ball with the other two limbs. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other foot-hand.

5. Battle Ropes Slams

Rope exercises are perfect for gaining power “and working your torso,” explains Jono. It’s about creating waves above your head with the ropes.

Rebel Wilson’s trainer’s tip: I advise doing some cardio during the day. For that, it is great to have a bracelet or App on the phone that tells us the steps and try to make 10.0000 a day.

Some media also suggest that Rebel Wilson is also in the hands of the coach of the ‘celebrities’ Gunnar Peterson, to achieve his goals. The ‘coach’, who is responsible for the physique of Melanie Griffith or Kate Beckinsale, would have helped the actress in the first stage of her weight loss process, where she shed almost 20 kilos, as reported in some publications. In mid-October, when we were able to see Rebel Wilson again on the red carpet for the premiere of ‘Jojo Rabbit’, the change in the comic was already more than remarkable. But it has been in his last shared photographs when his physical transformation is most radical.

Many media point to a reason for this change in the actress, which is not only in appearance, but in life. It may have all been rushed after a mishap in Aspen while skiing. Rebel Wilson stopped feeling one leg (she explained because of the boots) and got lost in the mountains. Although, fortunately, she managed to return safely to her hotel, and everything was just a scare, for Rebel this was a point and a part in her life and she made the decision to embark on a new ‘healthy’ path.

Rebel Wilson’s Favorite Activities

The Australian comedian has shared some of her new hobbies on Instagram, because not everything is going to the gym in Rebel Wilson’s new life. For weeks we have seen her practice different disciplines that have helped her achieve her healthy goals. Rebel Wilson practices Crossfit, –the comedian has uploaded a video pushing a giant tire with which she works strength and burns a good handful of calories–; She has also tried boxing, putting on her gloves and getting into the ring.

Even on vacation Rebel Wilson is enjoying physical exercise and outdoor activities. Her new healthy lifestyle accompanies her wherever the comic sets out to go. That is why during these days of disconnection she has added another activity to the list: trekking or hiking. The Australian has shared a video and several snapshots of her last excursion where in addition to appreciating the spectacular landscape that could be seen from the top to which she climbed, you can see the impressive physical change of the actress. Clad in a light blue Gymshark sports se , Rebel Wilson She once again amazes all her followers with her new image. The comic is much thinner, much stronger and with inexhaustible energy. You are achieving your best version! At the end of the day Rebel Wilson shared in her Instagram Stories a walk on the beach enjoying a delicious coconut water, to recharge batteries.

Another of the most drastic physical transformations that we have seen in the last months and with which many compare the change of Rebel Wilson, is that of Adele. The combination of Pilates and the SirtFood diet has allowed the British artist to lose weight up to 70 kilos.

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