Myths about losing weight that you should stop believing (like you always have to eat breakfast)

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To lose weight successfully, you only have to pay attention to what the investigations carried out in this regard say. That they do not bundle you

With overexposure to informationveracity has been lost. There are thousands of websites and each one says something different about losing weight . If you have to have breakfast, if not, if you drink more coffee, if the coffee is bad, if you have to drink two liters, that it is not necessary if there is no thirst … and so on, endless contradictions that they put the head in a hype.

Before all this, who to believe? So what should we do to lose weight? Well, without a doubt, science and experts, who, with their research, provide the information that we really should take seriously.

Here are the most common myths that exist around losing weight and why we should stop believing them:

Always have breakfast: false

We have always been sold on the idea that you have to eat breakfast to lose weight , even if you are not hungry. And the truth is that it does not have to be this way , since taking the first meal of the day in the early morning, and without feeling like it, is not related to weight loss .

In fact, numerous studies have shown that eating breakfast or not eating breakfast has very little effect on weight, and that skipping it can even result in slightly more weight loss . Research showed that while those who did eat breakfast later ate an average of 144 fewer calories at lunch, the total caloric balance at the end of the day for those who did not eat breakfast was 408 fewer calories. That is, eating breakfast did not mean eating more for the rest of the day.

Skipping breakfast also is a way of doing intermittent fasting . Many people eat their last meal of the day at dinner and then eat nothing until lunch the next day. In this way, they spend about 16 hours without eating, or fasting, which has many benefits, such as losing weight faster.

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The Bad Lose Weight Quickly: False

Although it is good to lose weight in a slow and controlled way, it is not bad to do it quickly. In fact, losing weight quickly is not related to gaining it back faster or, in other words , the dreaded rebound effect.

In this regard, this study found that people who lost weight quickly in the first month were five times more likely to have lost 10% of their body weight in 18 months, compared to those who began to lose weight more slowly.

You have to eat every 2 or 3 hours to lose weight: false

Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. It is true that if you have a lot of anxiety about food and you tend to eat more than necessary, it is advisable to take small meals during the day . However, if we don’t, it doesn’t have to prevent us from losing weight.

There are many studies that have shown that eating many small meals throughout the day does not result in greater weight loss, compared to eating three or fewer meals a day.

The main problem with eating so many small meals, or snacks, is that sometimes we end up consuming more calories than our body needs . But, nevertheless, each one is a world, and if you, reader, have a good drink in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon because then you eat with less anxiety, keep doing it. But if you don’t, nothing happens.

Do not weigh yourself every day: false

This is closely related to the previous point: if you feel anxious about weighing yourself every day and you obsess about losing weight as much as you would like, stop doing it . If, on the contrary, it does not cause you any problem, do it, since it is good that you keep a count of its evolution .

In fact, those who want to lose weight and step on the scale every day have been proven to lose 6.6% more weight than those who don’t.

In addition, experts believe that weighing themselves frequently makes the individual in question more committed to their weight loss process . Also, on the contrary, there are many who are overwhelmed because they try too hard and do not see the desired results. It all depends on each one.

Lose weight

And this is it for today, reader. We hope we have helped you.

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