Losing weight on the beach is easy: the calories you burn walking or swimming (and more tricks)

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Therefore, to make the most of your summer vacation, we are going to give you some expert advice so that you can burn a lot of calories while you rest.

It is often said that in summer we relax with our diet – and with the consumption of calories – and that our desire to lose weight goes overboard because, overall, we are almost naked in front of many people on the beach. However it is not always so.

The fact that the heat lurks and clothes are shortened , prompts many to take more care of their diet in the summer months . We all know that the extra kilos in the sweater are not as annoying as the ones we let see on the beach or in the pool.

Therefore, to make the most of your summer vacation , we are going to give you some expert advice so that you can burn a lot of calories while you rest, have fun and get dark (please always sunscreen and apply it every two hours at most) . Attentive:

Losing weight on the beach is possible: the calories you burn walking or swimming

In summer we tend to have wider sleeves in terms of food . Okay, you don’t have to restrict yourself too much, but watch out for crossing the border of “one day is a day”, ” come on, we’re on vacation ” or “lost to the river”: we start by saying one day, then another … .and after three weeks we realize that we have much less money in the account and that we have transformed it into fat stored in the body . At that point, the reversing is much more difficult.

Therefore, it is best to indulge yourself (the more protein you eat and less carbohydrates, the better) but compensate for it by moving . Here is a list of activities that will make you burn calories while enjoying the beauty of your beach vacation .

1) Take walks on the beach

It sounds silly, but just strolling on the beach burns tons of calories . In fact, walking on sand burns almost twice as much as walking on a flat surface such as city concrete.

Thus, in an hour of walking you can burn 350 to 500 calories , depending on your weight, gender and speed in the stride.

2) Running on the sand

If you are very motivated one day and obviously not in the hottest time slots, you can combine walking and running. Or just run. This exercise will make you burn no less than 550-600 calories minimum every 40 minutes . One last. But, be careful, if you are not a runner, start little by little, do not go to injure yourself in the middle of summer, reader.

3) Play beach volleyball

Practicing beach volleyball consumes no less than  544  calories per hour, as the Compendium of Physical Activities  (CPA) warns  . In addition to losing weight, you will have fun and make friends or build friendships, since it is advisable to do things as a team ( although not always ).

4) Swimming (and diving) in the sea

It is one of the most beneficial exercises for  health , as all muscles are involved in the process. In fact, in water they work five times more than on land. If you swim at medium speed for an hour you will burn  564  calories. And if you do it to butterfly, a whopping 938 / hour. Get some good goggles and so you can also enjoy the seabed, a delight.

5) Play paddle tennis (or shovels)

If you are one of those who gets tired just looking at two people playing paddle tennis on the beach, you are not far from reality, as this sport burns a lot of calories . Specifically, 500  per hour. In addition to being entertaining – if one has a certain technique and tactics – playing paddle tennis strengthens the whole body, and especially the upper part . Of course, be careful with your wrists and elbows, because if you are not used to it and you start practicing it for a long time, they may suffer.

Izabel Goulart playing spades in Greece

6) Play with children

Who has children … what are we going to tell him. From here to there, that if castles, that if burials, that if jumping the waves, that if you fight with water guns … If you have a child nearby, take the opportunity to play with him: not only will you burn calories, but you will also you will have fun together and strengthen your relationship. No delegating the game to family members: get your ass off the sand and get to it.

For lunch and dinner: avoid batter and say yes to seafood, meat and vegetables

You already know, but we remind you: exercise and movement, by themselves, will not help us lose weight if we do not accompany them with a correct diet .

As it is summer, we are not going to tell you to eat vegetables and green salads, but we are going to tell you what you eat with your head .

The culinary options in summer are numerous and very healthy. You have the gazpacho, the salmorejo, the little fish, the grilled meat ( if it is red, in moderation ), the grilled vegetables, salads in a thousand ways, rich rice dishes, paellas, delicious seasonal fruits …

Fruit: Latest news on Vozpópuli

If you eat a little of everything and avoid processed foods , sweets, desserts, simple carbohydrates and moderate alcohol consumption, and also do the activities that we have mentioned, you will return from your vacation made a figurine, you will see .

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