List of Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight Around Your Stomach

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Still Flabby Even After All You Do?

Perhaps you have been trying to lose weight around stomach for a long time. You have tried every trick in the book. You practice power yoga every morning. You go to the gym regularly. You walk down to the nearest mall instead of taking your car. You use the stairs when you are at work. You try to catch up on eight hours of sleep every night. You eat six small meals a day. Yet, you have not been successful in your endeavor to lose weight around your stomach. Maybe you are not incorporating the right kinds of foods in your diet.

Good Oils And Bad Carbs

To lose weight around the stomach area start using pure virgin olive oil in your cooking. This oil contains good fats which help to burn the bad fat and reduce the levels of cholesterol in your body. This oil is rich in mono unsaturated fat that is known to be excellent for health. 1 ounce of this oil has 85% of this fat. Extra virgin olive oil will work wonders for your health. Nowadays, people are avoiding carbohydrates in their diet. They do not realize that carbohydrates are an integral part of the body. The correct types of carbohydrates are necessary for the body. If the body does not get its daily quota of this mineral it will start yearning for it. Processed carbohydrates are less desirable. They are found in white bread as well as rice of the same color. Pasta and bagels are also rich in processed carbohydrates. Since all these food items are processed they are often devoid of essential nutrients.

Whole Grains And Lean Meats

You are left consuming large quantities of starch. Go for whole grain food items that are full of fiber as well as minerals. The usual wheat bread is also devoid of essential nutrients. Molasses are added to it due to which it gets its brown color. Start buying whole-grain bread. In order to lose weight around the stomach consume meat but its lean cuts only. Turkey, Beef, etc. help to build muscles. They also strengthen the immune system. Turks that are based are rich in fatty substances. Beef is full of saturated fat. When you buy beef look out for labels that proclaim "loin". If the labels say "round" that beef is healthy, too. Salmon as well as Tuna are rich in proteins. They have omega-3 fats that are ideal for the body. These are the good fats. Foods rich in these fats should be taken thrice a week.

Start Choosing Better Snacks

Opt for low fat, tasty snacks to tide over hunger pangs and lose weight around your stomach. Popcorn is very good for the body without it made in butter or salt. It has fiber. It has fewer calories. The air popped ones are ideal. If you are going to make it on the stove, use mono saturated fats-rich oil. You could prepare popcorn using olive oil. Popcorn that can be made in the microwave might be rich in sodium and fats. Include nuts like almonds in your diet to win the battle to lose weight around your stomach.

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