Light and easy dinners to prepare if we want to lose weight: 7 ideas

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Dinners are the most complicated meals when we try to lose weight, so today we give you ideas that are easy to make, cheap, simple and healthy

The  dinners  are the most complicated meals when we try to  lose weight . Between the fact that we run out of ideas, that we are lazy to cook at that time of the night and that we are always in a hurry, in the end we eat whatever we have in the refrigerator. The problem is that this last intake of the day  must be done with head , because it is what makes us fatter the most, since the metabolism slows down as the day progresses.

And one thing: it is not good not to have dinner at all (unless you are aware and doing intermittent fasting). If we go to bed hungry we run the risk of not sleeping well and  waking up in the wee hours  of the morning with a stomach ache. Therefore, reader, today we are going to give you  ideas of dinners that are easy to make , cheap, simple and  healthy.

Vegetable salad

Chilled lentils or beans are a great option for dinner, especially in summer, as they are  high in protein and fiber , which increases the feeling of fullness. We can buy them cooked in a pot, and we just have to wash them and mix them with tomato, tuna, vegetables, brown rice … and a splash of oil. Dinner for ten.

Chicken with vegetables

The  vegetables  are not only delicious, but also  have negative calories . That is to say, that by eating them you will lose weight, since  your body spends more energy in processing them  than those that have these foods by themselves.

If you are wondering which vegetable to choose,  we recommend peppers . A study in  BMJ in 2016  showed that plant compounds called  flavonoids  influence weight loss.

The  grilled chicken , incidentally, is very light and has almost no fat or calories (120 cal / steak).

Chicken is very satiating

Grilled beef steak with potatoes or vegetables

A good option for dinner, but to make it only once a week, is steak with vegetables or cooked potatoes .

The  lean meat  is packed with protein, and follow a diet based on these will burn 80 to 100 calories more per day. In this regard, a  study  has shown that increasing protein intake by 25% can  reduce cravings  by 60%, reduce the desire to snack at night and cause a  weight loss  of almost  half a kilo per week .

As for vegetables, you can eat whatever you want. The potatoes , meanwhile, have many properties that make them a perfect food, both to  lose weight  to improve health.

They are particularly  high in potassium , a nutrient that most of us do not consume regularly and plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. On a scale called  the satiety index , boiled potatoes scored the highest. This means that when you eat them, you will feel full and, therefore, you will eat less of other foods.

Tuna steak with vegetables

Now they sell some frozen tuna steaks (those from Mercadona are delicious) that will save you any dinner. Obviously, you also have them fresh, although for dinner it is a good idea to have enough reserves in the freezer, so you will not throw away fast or pre-cooked food.

Tuna, by the way, is  low in calories  and high in protein. It is lean fish, which means it is low in fat. A perfect option for dinner.

Red tuna tataki.

Baked or grilled salmon

A delicious option that we can also buy frozen. The salmon is packed with high quality protein and nutrients. In addition, it contains a considerable amount of  omega-3 fatty acids  , which  have been shown  to help reduce bloating.

Mackerel, trout or sardines are also fatty fish to consider. And they are easy to make, as we can cook them on the grill or in the pan or even in the oven. Grilled salmon with capers, by the way, is delicious .


Burgers with whole wheat bread

Obviously only once in a while, as processed meat is not very healthy . This dinner, however, is suitable for the whole family and is not very caloric.

A grilled chicken, salmon, tuna, lentil burger … whatever you want (except beef or pork) with two whole grain breads . And you add tomato and lettuce. Delicious and light.

Gtres chicken burger

Homemade hummus with celery

Legumes, as we have seen, are ideal for weight loss and for dinner. A fantastic option is to have a homemade hummus (if possible) with celery, since the latter has only  16 calories  per 100 grams and they are also negative calories (you lose weight when you eat it). Packed with fiber, it is also rich in vitamin A, C, and folic acid. As for chickpeas, they are packed with fiber and plant proteins.

The Fat Decimator System

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