If I’m hungry, does that mean I’m losing weight?

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It is true that if you lower your caloric intake, and you do not have pathologies that slow down your metabolism, you tend to lose weight. However, the weight loss process is much more complex

Many people confuse starving with losing weight. It is true that if you lower your caloric intake, and you do not have pathologies that slow down your metabolism , you tend to lose weight. However, the weight loss process is much more complex.

When we begin to restrict food consumption, we starve, and this, instead of making us lose weight, makes us accumulate it. How? The organism is wise and goes into ‘wartime’ mode. He believes that we are going through a bad time of famine and therefore saves everything we give him , in the form of fat, so that we can survive for the next weeks and months.

That is why there are people who eat very little and are still overweight or unable to lose weight. The trick, as we can see, is to eat little but just enough to avoid slowing down the metabolism. We see it.

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If I’m hungry, does that mean I’m losing weight?

Answering the headline’s question: no, starving has nothing to do with losing weight, since having a greater calorie deficit does not always mean losing weight and keeping it off.

At first, it is possible that someone who is hungry suddenly loses a lot of weight, but over time the body will get used to ingesting a small amount of food, causing a later fattening when eating normally again.

Also, as we have said before, during long-term calorie deprivation the body responds by slowing down metabolism through adaptive thermogenesis (metabolic adaptation). This makes the body less efficient at burning calories in an effort to conserve as much energy as possible.

The slowing down of the metabolism also causes one to tire more often, a strategic mechanism that the body uses to prevent too much energy from being expended.

Additionally, depending on the severity of starvation , the number of calories restricted, and the length of time it is maintained, the body may begin to prioritize essential bodily functions, such as breathing and heart rate, and slow down non-essential bodily processes. , like :

  • Hair and nail growth.
  • Immunity. Your immune system may have a harder time fighting infection and disease.
  • Regulation of digestion and hunger. Experiencing irregular or intensified hunger, recurring bloating, or an upset stomach.
  • Reproductive health. The menstrual cycle can change or stop.
  • Skin health. Inappropriate or delayed wound healing or premature aging.
  • Bone health.
  • Mental health : It can lead to an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder.

Tricks to lose weight and speed up the metabolism (and obviously it is not starving)

We have already seen that starving does not work to lose weight, especially if it is for a long period of time. Next, we tell you what things do work:

Have a regular meal schedule

For your body to function in the best possible way, it is important that  you have a balance in terms of quantity and regularity in meals . Taking your meals normally always at the same times can help maintain metabolic balance at a good pace.

If you go  many hours without eating anything,  not only do you run the risk of bloating in the next feeding, but your body begins to  burn calories more slowly  and  accumulate more fat cells . Ideally, you should  eat small meals throughout the day  three or four hours  apart.

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Have a regular meal schedule

Eat enough calories

In relation to the above, some people skip meals to try to  lose weight , but it is a mistake, since it can affect the metabolism, slowing it down. 

In addition to eating several times a day (five or six), we must  take in enough calories , otherwise our body will begin to not burn fat and store it. 

To give you an idea,  adult women  should take in  between 1,600-2,400 calories / day , and  men 2,000-3,000 . Eating foods with less than the minimum load can put your metabolism in check.

Drink green tea

While studies have not conclusively proven this,  some research  indicates that  green tea extract  may play an important role in our weight loss challenge.

This  drink  has powerful antioxidants called  catechins , active ingredients related to  weight loss : they can  stimulate metabolism  and help increase the effects of some effective fat-burning hormones  , such as noredraline.

Also,  green tea  is particularly beneficial for  reducing belly fat . Numerous  studies  have shown that people who consumed this drink regularly  lost 1.3 kilos more  on average than those who did not.

Strength training

Strength training helps build muscle, which can speed up metabolism and is particularly important when we are past the 30s due to the natural process of  sarcopenia , that is, the gradual loss of muscle.

What does this mean? That having less muscles,  decreases the rate of your metabolism . Estimates indicate that a person burns about 200 fewer calories per day at age 45 compared to what they did at 25. That is, you must increase your muscle mass. Here is a list of  appropriate exercises for it. 

Weight lifting is important

Drink enough water

In addition to keeping you hydrated,  drinking water speeds up metabolism by 24-30% , as several studies have shown  .

Although it works, the  positive effects on metabolism are  short-lived, about 60-90 minutes, so you should drink water often throughout the day.

Do not eat at night

The  metabolism  slows down throughout the day, so it is important to  stop eating around eight in the afternoon . What you eat from that time on, you will hardly burn it, since you will be at rest and your body begins to slow down in terms of energy expenditure.

One study showed that people who ate their largest meal at dinner had a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) than those who ate their largest meal at breakfast or dinner. 

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