How to Win and Keep the Love of a Man Whose Heart Has Been Broken Before

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Have you ever found out that the man you desire to have a relationship with is someone whose heart has been broken before? What do you do in such a situation? How do you penetrate the walls he has built around his heart? This is a practical situation. It often makes girls cry. You know he has all it takes to be a good husband for you so much that you find him attached to your dream of a good and happy home. But because some “girl” has treated him badly and broken his heart, he has decided not to fall in love again.

How do you win and keep the love of a man whose heart has been broken before? How do you find your way into his heart and assure him that you are not a heart breaker? How do you make him believe girls are not the same? And how do you make him feel secure with you? Here is another practice exposed on how to win the love of a heart broken man.

The first step is friendship. Since he is not ready for another love relationship, you can start a relationship on the note of friendship. Don’t just walk up to him and ask him to be your friend, chances are that he’ll see you as another devil coming to break his heart. The easiest way is coming to him through his friends or siblings. These people have sympathized and empathized with him. He believes in them. Seeing you as a friend to a friend, brother or sister means to him that you are not harmful after all, at least as a friend.

When you have succeeded in becoming his friend, try and ask him about his past relationship and empathize with him. Condemn the hurtful acts of his former girlfriend and promote the ideals that would have upheld that relationship. If you have been hurt before, tell him how it happened and tell him how you recovered from it. This is a good way to begin friendship.

Think of the possible means of helping him to recover from the hurtful memories of the former relationship. Get him used to being with a girl again. Invite him out to places you can both talk and have fun.

Call him at intervals and send him text messages from time-to-time just to let him know you appreciate him as a good friend. Don’t forget to buy him gifts on the anniversary of his birthday and other memorable days. Don’t buy him casual gifts but the ones that suggest that he means so much to you and that you love him. With these gestures, you’ll find out that he’s on his way to love again. And before you know it, he’ll complement your efforts and explicitly ask you out.

Once a love relationship begins between both of you, avoid all that happened in his former relationship. This is the major way to catch and keep him.

Source by Sarah Nichols Smith

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