How to speed up the metabolism to lose weight: 5 tricks that you must carry out

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Having a fast metabolism is essential to being slim. People who eat a lot and do not get fat do so thanks to it, and the opposite happens to obese people

Accelerating the metabolism is ideal for losing weight . Maybe you have already tried and you are not able to do it or you are simply meditating if you are already losing the extra kilos. Be that as it may, welcome, because today we are going to discuss how you can  lose weight  thanks to accelerating the burning of calories .

Having a fast metabolism is essential to being slim. People who eat a lot and do not get fat do so thanks to it, and the opposite happens to obese people.

Although having a fast or slow metabolism depends a lot on our genetics, there are certain adjustments that we can make daily to accelerate it and thus lose weight quickly without doing anything else . Attentive:

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1) Eat six 300 calorie meals

Eating more small meals throughout the day can help you feel full for longer while speeding up your metabolism. Why? Eating several meals (about six) throughout the day helps keep your blood sugar level stable and prevents insulin spikes , which inevitably lead to weight gain. Ideally, then, eat six small meals a day, about 300 calories each .

Don't forget breakfast

2) Try eating organic to speed up your metabolism

“Our thyroid controls many many body functions, including how fast we burn calories and how fast our heart beats,” explains the Office on Women’s Health (OWS) .

Therefore, eating fruits, vegetables and cereals without pesticides keeps the metabolism strong, since we do not expose our thyroid to toxins. In contrast, non-organic products block our metabolism primarily by interfering with the thyroid, which is the body’s thermostat and determines how fast it works.

Organic fruit

3) Leave processed and trans fats

The trans fats are not only bad for the heart, but also slow the body’s ability to lose weight. Eating processed with trans fats can cause insulin resistance , which occurs when cells in your muscles, fat and liver do not respond well to insulin and cannot easily absorb glucose from the blood, all of which ends up slowing down the metabolism.

Less processed

4) Drink green tea, coffee and water

It is not only important to eat six meals a day, but also to drink throughout the day. In particular, drink coffee, tea and water, as they accelerate the metabolism:

  • Coffee – Numerous  studies  show that caffeine can help increase metabolic rate by up to 11%. In fact, six different investigations found that people who consume 270 mg of caffeine per day (about three cups) burn an additional 100 calories every 24 hours.
  • Green tea: it serves, above all, to  reduce abdominal fat . Numerous  studies  have shown that people who consumed this drink regularly  lost 1.3 kilos more  on average than those who did not.
  • Water:  Drinking water speeds up metabolism by 24-30% , according to several studies .
The best coffee without milk or sugar

5) Eat more protein 

The protein – rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products may help boost your metabolism for several hours.

Numerous investigations show that protein-rich foods further increase the body’s thermal effect, that is, the amount of calories it takes for the body to digest and process them. The protein foods increase metabolic rate by 15-30%, compared to 5-10% of carbohydrates and 0-3% fat.

Salmon is a good option

And this is it, reader. Did you already know or apply any of these tricks? Are you going to apply them?

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