How to lose weight fast without exercising

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Miracles do not exist when it comes to losing weight fast, but there are these tricks to lose weight in a healthy way without having to step on the gym.

9 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise | U.S. News
  • To lose weight, achieving a caloric deficit is essential.
  • The low – calorie foods , such as fruit or vegetables, should be an essential part of your diet to achieve the goal.

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Before we begin, we must clarify that when it comes to losing weight , rushing is not good. The ideal is not to go ‘on a diet’ in the strict sense of the word, but to change habits progressively until we manage to maintain ourselves over time.

But we understand the situation: summer is here, we have arrived without having met the objectives we set for ourselves in January and now we are in a rush to see results. “How to lose weight fast at home?” or “How to lose belly fat fast?” are some of the most frequent searches on Google in good weather.

Well then: don’t throw in the towel because it’s never too late to achieve your goals.

How to lose weight fast: tips to keep in mind

If you are looking for some tricks to lose weight fast , if you want to lose weight, and also do it without going to the gym, you have to know that miracles do not exist. There is a caloric deficit, which is exactly what is required to achieve it. “This has to do, on the one hand, with what you eat, and on the other, with what you spend through your metabolism , activity and training,” IND experts explained.

That is to say: to lose weight you will need to either reduce your caloric intake (what you eat) or burn it through the exercise that you usually do. Or the most accurate option: a combination of both.

When it comes to your diet, you can change several habits to achieve effective , healthy and fast weight loss. To see results you can follow these tips for a considerable period of time, at least a couple of weeks.

These tricks to lose weight are infallible and have the approval of nutritionists who we have asked for advice during these months. In addition, many of these habits can become fixed in your diet and you will notice their effects immediately.

Tricks to lose weight

1. Eliminate juices and sugary drinks

Sugary Drinks | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public  Health

Many times we are so aware of what we eat that we do not pay attention to what we drink and THIS can be ruining our diet. It is what we know as ‘liquid calories’.

Reduce or avoid drinking sugary drinks (such as soft drinks) or juices, not even natural ones, since at the end of the day it is just a way to waste fruit: would you eat three oranges in one sitting? No right? So why drink the juice of three pieces of orange? In this way we are spoiling the fiber of the fruit and basically taking its sugar.

And of course no alcohol. When you go out, bet on the benefits of matcha tea , which in addition to being a drink with high satiating power, has a great list of properties. And if the taste doesn’t convince you, sparkling water and lemon can also be a good alternative.

2. Make the servings smaller

You can do this in two ways: try using a smaller plate than you normally use. Or you can gradually reduce the amounts. Serve and remove a tablespoon, after a few days remove two tablespoons, the next week three …

Remember that to control the amounts, the ideal is to follow the advice of a nutritionist who prescribes an amount of grams for each food, based on the needs of each person. In any case, following the ‘plate method’ can be one way to help you distribute your food portions properly.ADVERTISING – KEEP READING BELOW

3. Speed ​​up your metabolism

You can achieve this by eating every three hours, exercising with weights, doing HIIT training routines, or even eating spicy food!

4. Include diuretic foods in your diet, such as pineapple

Either at lunch or snack. We leave you a complete weekly menu with pineapple as the protagonist. What if you don’t like pineapple? Asparagus is also a good alternative as a diuretic food, although they are not the only one: here is a complete list.

  • Pear: rich in potassium and low in sodium
  • Oatmeal: rich in protein, amino acids, antioxidants, low in fat
  • Watermelon: 90% is water.
  • Cucumber: Be careful! They are not worth pickles.
  • Green Tea: what is it NOT for?
  • Celery: has very few calories and a great satiating effect.
  • Beetroot: antioxidant, high in potassium and low in sodium.
  • Artichokes: help control appetite, drain and contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

5. Take care of breakfast

Did you know that half of the foods that Spaniards eat for breakfast are processed ? This was indicated by a study by the CoCo app, which concluded that we continue to suspend when we try to eat breakfast in a healthy way.

Avoid sweets, bars or sugary cereals. Cookies or sliced ​​bread are also not good options if you are looking to lose weight: they will only boycott your diet. Instead, opt for foods that help you lose weight and provide you with something good on a nutritional level: vegetable milk, oatmeal, fruit – whole pieces, not juices – or the classic bread with oil and tomato. Scrambled eggs with avocado, whole wheat toast with hummus, or porridge can be great filling alternatives.

6. Tidy up your fridge and pantry

This small change can be decisive in the success or failure of your goal of eating a healthier diet that also allows you to lose weight. If you put order in your fridge and your pantry, follow this advice from the Niumi experts : “Organize the foods that are consumed the least behind (normally these should be the least healthy: snacks, sweets, etc.) and those that are consumed at daily (and healthier) ahead. In this way, the order will help us consume what we have closest to hand “, they explain.

How to lose weight fast: exercises that do not fail

Finally, to successfully complete your mission, do not forget that physical exercise is essential. The good? You have a long list of sports to choose from, although the ones that burn the most calories include running, Muay Thai or stationary cycling.

Not a fan of cardio? Don’t worry. When it comes to burning fatstrength training has been proven to be a surefire option. Start working with dumbbells and, if you can, introduce HIIT sessions with which you can burn calories in a short time.

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